Gift credit rules

What is gift Credit?

Is a prepaid stored-value money credit issued by Gracegift to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within Gracegift.

Is generally redeemable only for purchases at the online shop and CANNOT be cashed out.

Shop Credits Rule

  • All gift card/gift credits can be use on all item at our online shop, the maxium discount amout is 5% out of total. 
  • Can only be use for Grace gift account membership only. No third parties can be used for cash return or exchange for gifts.

  • We have no responsible for any loss or damage of gift credits.

Gift credit expireration

Active date : It will take effect 21 days after the time of shipment

Active date: Effective within 2 months from the date of receiving

Expired date: On the day of expiry date, purchase is not available. 




Membership B-day gift

Each 1sth of the month our systerm will send out NTD $200 gift credit. 

AWARE: If your birthday is on the 1sth of that month that your register to our memebership, you won't be able to recived the b-day gift credit. 



If there is a return 

 Gift credit will also be return to your account if used. 

Grace gift have the right to keep and makes changes to all gift credit, if there is change made we will annoucne it on our websites.