Frequently asked questions

Facebook accoung sign in。

When using our account sign in, please click on the right corner membership icons, then fill out your information, after you had fill out your information and submitted you will become our Grace gift online shop membership. Then you can also sign in with your Facebook account. We will send out updates and sales event information thought mails.

Click the right corner icon for sign in or create account, or if you had already a member you can also click the FB icon next the sign in area for direct sign in from FB account.



How to connect FB account to membership

First click on the icon below, it will directly connect to FB and will ask you if you want to connect the system, please click "confirm" (if you haven't create account yet, you will be ask to create account first) 



If you are already a Gracegift memebership please click " yes, connect to my accout" to process. 

If you don't have membership account please click “no, create new account" to register new account.


After the screen will jum back to Gracegift and will ask you to set up password, then afterwards

you can sign in using your FB account.with your setup passwords.



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